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For a wild rustic addition to your log cabin themed interior, this ‘Wolf Lodge’ tapestry pillow case will make a nice feature on your soda, armchair or bed. Wolves are native to many wild and forested areas of North America, Europe, and Asia. Their images have been used in art, story-telling, and design for centuries. The pillow case features two wolves in a snowy alpine scene surrounded by a tree bark border and images of pine cones and traditional patterns.

Woven on Jacquard Looms and cotton-backed, the wolf-themed pillow case will suit a country-style interior based on the rural and rustic log cabin décor scheme. Whether you live in the wilds of the United States/Canada or in one of the major cities, this tapestry pillow case will bring the romantic imagery of the wild wolf into your home. The tree bark border is a lovely design feature which connects together the main landscape image with the pine cones which offer a close-up glimpse of the wolf’s habitat.

You can buy it from here: Wolf Lodge Tapestry Pillow Case.

Made in the U.S.A.