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For a highly rustic piece of wooden furniture, you won’t go far wrong with this attractive rustic cedar log futon frame. Perfect for placement in a living room, studio or spare bedroom, the sofa-cum-bed combination will provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing feature to an interior. The log theme of the futon frame will also make it highly appropriate for rural cabins and homes that have a wilderness feel about them.

So why is cedar wood a great choice for indoor (and indeed outdoor) furniture? First of all, it’s incredibly strong and durable and is a wood that will remain in very good condition when other types of wood begin to show signs of stress and age. The wood is resistant to decay and insect damage in large part due to the natural oils within the wood, thereby giving it superior resistance to the inevitable problems associated with general wear and tear.

The cedar wood used in the construction of this rustic log futon frame has an extremely smooth surface, which is also a positive feature of cedar wood everywhere. This prevents any unhappy accidents with splinters or sharp edges as well as giving a very comfortable touch against skin. As one would expect, this quality is highly important when it comes to wooden furniture in relation to beds and seating pieces.

Made in Quebec and British Columbia, the log futon frame will look very much at home in a wood cabin or home with a decidedly rustic theme. It can also be placed in an urban environment where it can act as a connection to the natural world, which is often needed in city apartments. When friends and family want to stay the night, the futon can simply be transformed from a sofa into a bed with a few simple manoeuvres. Extremely functional, beautifully made and wonderfully rustic. What more could you ask for?

You can buy it from here: Rustic Cedar Log Futon Frame.

Futon mattress available but is sold separately.