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A rustic botanical fireplace screen can act as both a decorative and a protective barrier between a fireplace and a room. However, it’s also important to choose the right type of screen for your interior design and decor scheme. That’s why the botanical themed fireplace screen as pictured below is ideal for a room needing an additional floral and rustic charm.

Rustic-Botanical-Fireplace-ScreenOne of the most important functions for any type of fireplace screen is safety. Sparks, ash and loose coals and logs can often fly or fall out into the room. Whilst this is not usually a problem when someone is present, it can be a danger if the room is empty if even for a few minutes. A fireplace screen is the perfect guard against such dangers and can be easily placed in front of the fire whenever you need to leave the room to make coffee, dinner or to visit the bathroom.

For a family with children, a screen like the rustic botanical fireplace screen will be a good safety barrier against the wandering fingers of toddlers. Flames are exciting flickering toys to little children and despite warnings, they can often find the fire irresistible. This isn’t such a problem if you have just one child but if you have a visiting group it can be a difficult thing to cope with. A screen will hide the fire and render it invisible to children’s eyes whilst still providing warmth to the room.

Lastly, a screen also provides a cover for the fireplace, especially for the next morning. Ash, soot and blackened wood are not usually visually attractive elements to a room in the morning daylight and so usually it’s best to keep the area hidden. A rustic screen like the one pictured will provided a lovely botanical accent as well as keeping hidden the unsightly remains and dust from the previous night’s fire.

You can buy this screen from the following location: Rustic Botanical Fireplace Screen.

It’s made from hand forged metal with a distressed cocoa brown finish.