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For home interiors needing some extra natural decorative elements, this rugged hollow tree stem vase by Ferm Living will be the perfect solution. Made from real wooden tree stems which have been hollowed out, the vases will bring a decidedly rustic and countryside theme to any room or space. Complimented with recently picked flowers, the combination of natural elements will make a bedroom or living room become part of the beautiful rural scenes you hold in your imagination.

The hollow tree stem vase comes with a porcelain cup which can be removed. This is provided so as to allow water to be placed within thus keeping flowers and plants fresh for longer. There’s a choice between two types of wood and these are Alder or Birch. Both of which are used to make furniture, sculptures, medicines and guitars (in the case of Alder) as well as being symbolic in many cultural practices and traditions.

Place on a table, windowsill or beside your bed, and you’ll enjoy the natural fragrance of the bark, wood and whatever flowers you place inside the porcelain cup. One can also add potpourri and similar dried and fragrant plant materials. If, like me, you love to be reminded of the natural world and enjoy décor and home accessories which are imbued with rural life, then this tree stem vase will be a wonderful buy.

You can purchase it from here: Rugged Hollow Tree Stem Vase.

Price: $60