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With Easter just around the corner I thought it would be both fun and interesting to look at some egg-themed home decorative accent pieces. The very best example along this particular seasonal theme is the stunning ruby red enamelled Faberge Egg Box Set which is perfect for storing your favourite jewelry pieces and other precious trinkets. It’s not only attractive to look at but is also highly functional and will sit well on a bedroom dressing table or inside a living room curio cabinet.

Inside the egg-shaped box, which is set with sparkling Swarovski Crystals, is a removable ring insert, ideal for a special wedding or engagement ring. The stand which holds the egg aloft from any surface area has been dipped in 24K gold and looks marvellous. The egg opens up just below the half-way mark and sparkles whether in motion or standing pretty on a table or shelf. Crafted from pewter and then hand enameled by skilled artisans, it’s hard to find fault with the delightful Faberge Egg Box.

By the way, Swarovski crystals are made by the world renowned Austrian company which caters for royalty, celebrities and famous designers. Their crystals have been used in the creation of Christmas trees, commemorative coins, headphones, figurines, optical instruments, chandeliers and of course, jewelry. With Swarovski crystals making up part of this ruby red egg-shaped jewelry box which is matched with real gold, you know you have an exquisite and sophisticated item in your collection. With these being limited editions, they are set to become ever more valuable as the years go by.

You can buy yours here: RED Faberge style Egg Box with Ring Insert, set with Swarovski Crystals 24K Gold Trinket Jewelry Box Enameled Pewter Certificate of Authenticity.

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