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Everyone knows the famous brainteaser puzzle called the Rubik’s Cube. It’s the world’s top selling puzzle game and has been sold over 350 million times since it was invented. However, how many of you have heard of the Rubik’s Cube style salt and pepper shaker set for your dining room table? Combine brain power with wrist power with this creative 2 in 1 tableware piece that might drive friends and guests nuts.

What was originally called the ‘magic cube’ was designed by a Hungarian architecture professor back in 1974. Ern? Rubik gave his name to the mechanical puzzle which has become an icon of sorts to people worldwide. Artists have used the image of the six-faced game with the familiar colored squares, all of which are intended to be matched together on a single face in order to solve the puzzle.

The Rubik’s Cube salt and pepper shaker is another development in the familiar design and will make a fun talking point at the dinner table. For fans of the mathematical brainteaser, the salt and pepper shaker is a great gift idea for anyone you know who will appreciate the duel use of such a unique tableware accessory.

You can buy it here: Brainteaser Salt And Pepper.

Price: $34