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When I first saw these dynamic shelving cubes I automatically thought of the famous Rubik Cube. This fascinating shelving system was created by Nintek Design, which is based in Germany. The number of cubes or sections which can be placed together is unlimited as are the ways of joining them together

In fact, the rubik cube shelving system, named Squambo, can actually be used as more than just a series of shelves. Depending on the room, they can also be used as seating, room dividers, a large flat television bracket, a dining table or purely as a design in itself. Again, the possibilities are endless.


I can imagine a whole room full of these, each used as a different furniture piece. Perhaps some covered with fabrics, others used as sculptural forms. Like with the lady in the picture, they could also be used in a home library to store books, whether against a wall or as floor shelves.


You can read more information and browse through more pictures of this rubik cube style dynamic shelving on the Nintek Design website.