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A wall mount gel fuel fireplace is an ideal addition to an interior where an eye-catching feature is desired. The benefits of such a sconce like wall fitting include both heat, light and a dynamic element in the form of flames which provide movement to an otherwise static area of a room. In the image below is a wall mounted gel fuel fireplace constructed of round stainless steel that is both safe and easy to fit to any interior wall space.

Round-Wall-Mounted-Gel-Fuel-FireplaceThe stainless steel has a brilliant mirror polish which with the circular shape of the wall mount fireplace, means the interior where it is placed will benefit from extra light reflection in all directions. As well as this, the circle shape provides an easy on the eye focal point which will merge with all types of interior designs and themes. It’s shape is unusual for a wall mounted fireplace and so it provides an added surprise upon entering the room.

This particular wall mount gel fuel fireplace holds one full can of FireGlo gel fuel. One can also alternatively place large candles inside which will create a similar lighting effect. The sconce fireplace will compliment many types of interior space including that of the bedroom, living room, basement and even the bathroom. One can imagine its beauty especially after dark when the main lights are turned down low and the reflection of the flames and steel dance upon the walls.

You can see an interactive 3-D visual of this fireplace as well as further details on this website: Round Wall Mount Gel Fuel Fireplace in Stainless Steel.

There is fiberglass insulation on the back of the unit.