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At first glance, these beautiful decorative serving trays look wooden in appearance. Yet this is not the case, for these round leaf shaped serving trays are in fact made from glass and have each been individually hand made. They are the creation of skilled Turkish artisans who have centuries of traditional craft-making skills to fall back on. The intricacy of the leaf veins is stunning to say the least.

These two leaf-shaped decorative serving trays are ideal for both show and functionality. When not in use as drinks or plate carriers, the two trays can be placed against a wall or arranged on a table top, thereby providing a beautiful decorative accent feature. The trays themselves are brown in color and have been made using a reverse-painting technique that originated in Western Europe.

One leaf-tray is bigger than the other, thus giving a variety of uses and possible occasions in which the round decorative glass serving trays can be used. The leaf patterns are delightfully intricate and both trays will provide eye-catching serving accessories that are quite unlike any other I’ve seen before.

Price: $75

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