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San Juan de Oriente is a municipality in the Central American nation of Nicaragua. It’s where this round ceramic table lamp was made and it’s the location of a thriving artisan community. Ceramics is the speciality of this particular area and the region is noted worldwide for its quality pottery and decorative accessories. Many artisans from San Juan de Oriente have previously studied in Spain, there gaining knowledge of advanced methods of design.

This round ceramic table lamp has an olive toned base which has triangular etchings on the surface. The design means a certain reflective quality is gained when the table lamp is lit or when natural daylight is shining nearby. It’s a simple design yet with intricate etchings and a lot of cultural meaning. History is imbued into this Nicaraguan table lamp as well for artisans in this region have been making ceramic items for over 2,000 years.

If you have an interior that has a Spanish-style theme then this round ceramic table lamp made in Nicaragua will compliment the ambiance desired. The earthly tones of the table lamp and the circular design will look suitable on a variety of wooden furniture pieces, whether on a side table or even the floor next to a South American rug.

Price: $240