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If you live in a small apartment or home, then added storage chests and regular boxes can quickly encroach on the valuable floor area that remains free. Many of the items you end up storing away would look good on display but you just don’t have the surface space to present them in a tidy manner. The result is that a lot of your precious items are put away and not seen again for weeks, months and even years. That is a shame but the answer to this problem could rest with these rotating storage boxes as seen below.

rotating-storage-boxesThe boxes are finely crafted in a modern looking style. Each is stacked, one on top of another and rotate independently. This means for example, you can have to lower two boxes facing the wall and the upper two facing out into the room. There’s no extra hardware and each of the boxes is held in place by the natural force of gravity.

For people living in small interior spaces, these rotating storage boxes offer an answer similar to the skyscraper. This flexible solution means less floor space taken up which in turn can be used for more important considerations. Not only are these rotating storage boxes an ideal space saver but they also offer you the opportunity to showcase items you’d like family and friends to see on a regular occasion.

There are a thousand and one things you can use these rotating boxes for including as storage for clothing, bedding, shoes, toys, cleaning equipment, kitchen utensils and even wine bottles if special racks are added. Then there are the display qualities. Perhaps your recently acquired contemporary sculptures, vases or prized collection of dolls and stuffed toys could be displayed in these open boxes.

The rotating storage boxes can be used in multiple types of interior spaces depending on the function you so desire from them. They’d also make ideal storage for a student and add a touch of modern style to a dorm room.

Have a closer look here: Four Perf Boxes by Offi

It was designed by Californian designer Eric Pfeiffer for Offi and can also be seen in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.