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Alice in Wonderland is one of the all-time most popular children’s stories ever written. This rotating Alice in Wonderland themed alarm clock for children and adults is a delightful accessory for fans of the original Lewis Carroll book and the more recent movie adaptation. Featuring a clock face that literally moves and an array of decorative features, the red alarm clock will make a lovely addition to a child’s bedroom and will help them to get up early on school mornings with happy thoughts.

Much of this clock’s decorative theme is based around that of playing cards which are central to the story of Alice and her adventures in a fantasy world filled with all sorts of anthropomorphic creatures. One of the most well-known characters Alice comes across is the Queen of Hearts who is a decidedly foul-tempered monarch and is the wife of the King of Hearts. In the story, playing cards are seen marching in procession in the Queen’s croquet ground and are themes seen elsewhere in the story.

This beautiful alarm features a classic artistic representation of Alice as seen in the original books. Surrounding the adventurous little girl are a series of rotating playing cards of all varieties which fly over the clock’s numerals. These add a dynamic twist to the clock and bring a touch of magic to the scene. The alarm clock has a snooze alarm which can make waking up a little less dramatic … or for many of us sleepyheads, less traumatic. A light makes it easy to see in the dark. The decorative nature of the clock makes it ideal for a child’s bedside table or alternatively as a nostalgic time piece for adults who were brought up on the story of Alice and her adventures when children themselves.

You can buy it from here: Rotating Alice In Wonderland Alarm Clock.

Measures 4″ in diameter with 2.25″ face. Stands 2.5″ tall.