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Television stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles but few are as beneficial as a rotate and swivel version that is the Volterra TV stand. With stylish grey tinted tempered glass shelving, the unit brings an aesthetic quality to the interior as well as highly functional features. Whilst many TV stands are little more than a small table with wheels, this one comes with an in-built swivel and rotate wheel for extra adjustability.

The results of this TV stand wheel means the television can be turned from side to side depending on the dimensions of the interior. Another factor that may require adjustment is the number of people who are viewing the screen at any one moment. Sometimes, with regular TV stands, one or two unlucky individuals will be stuck in a position where their viewing enjoyment is affected by rays of light or the sharp angle of the screen to their location. With the Volterra television stand, this problem can be averted with the simple swivel adjustment of the wheel.

The rotating TV stand also allows a television to be placed in the center of a room whereby the screen can be rotated 90 degrees or more depending on the furniture arrangement and time of day. The modern espresso wood construction brings a contemporary charm to the television furniture piece whilst all the wires can be concealed behind the back and side panels. It’s small but very strong and above all, it swivels and turns which brings benefits few other TV stands can.

You can buy it from here: Rotate and Swivel Volterra TV Stand.

Price: $549