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A good quality knife set can enhance your kitchen experience dramatically. This Ronco 20 piece cutlery set includes all the kitchen cutting utensils you’ll ever need, all in one place, or knife block to be exact. Having such an array of knives close to hand offers you a helpful tool in quick, pleasant, and easier food preparation endeavours. It’s also an attractive feature for any kitchen counter top and will match with many existing objects already in place.

The 20 piece set includes: the renowned Ronco Rocker knife; a bread & bagel knife; a chef’s knife; a Showtime all-purpose knife; a boning knife; a cheese knife; a cleaver; and poultry shears, to name but just a few. You’ll find knives for all kinds of cutting requirements, whether meat, fish, bread, or vegetables. Each knife features a hand-finished high-carbon stainless steel blade, for supreme cutting ability. You can save on drawer space and instead bring a touch of functional décor to your much-loved kitchen arena where the best food is prepared.

You can buy this set from here: Ronco 20 Piece Cutlery Set.

Triple riveted for durability.