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One of the most popular tales in English folklore is the story of Robin Hood and his band of ‘Merry Men’. If you are an admirer of English literature and like to play chess, then this Robin Hood painted chess set will be to your liking. It’s a beautifully decorative game-piece which will look good during play and when placed on a table top as a colorful accent feature. Each chess piece has been hand painted with stunning detail.

The Robin Hood chess set is based on the heroic tales of a swordsman and archer who took from the rich and gave to the poor. He was helped by a group of fellow outlaws and often came into conflict with the Sheriff of Nottingham. Among Robin Hood’s group of outlaws were characters such as Friar Tuck, Little John, Will Scarlet and Much the Miller’s Son, to name just a few.

For anyone familiar with English folklore and the stories from this period, this beautifully painted Robin Hood chess set with chessmen, board and case, will make a lovely addition to a home interior. As noted before, the chess set can be used as a purely decorative piece when not in use and thus fulfils two functions. The two opposing chess pieces are different from one another with the ‘white’ side portraying the characters friendly to Robin Hood such as Maid Marian, whilst the ‘black’ side portray authority figures and the King’s soldiers.

You can buy this chess set from here: Robin Hood Chess Set With Hand Painted Chess Pieces.

Price (at the time of writing): $192.67