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If you’re looking for some beautiful decorative glass that can also function as a storage item, you might be attracted to this rich amber glass canister complete with a brass lid. It is based on traditional Indian canisters that have grown in popularity around the world. One will probably notice the style of the lid is reminiscent of designs from the Indian subcontinent.

amber-glass-canister-brass-lidGlass canisters like this one are wonderful decorative items perfect for showcasing in a bathroom or kitchen. There are numerous uses for these glass storage jars which makes them not only beautiful in form but generous in function. I remember my parents had similar canisters, in a variety of colors, which they used to store bath oils, gels, soaps and lavender. They look particularly good next to a window or mirror where the natural daylight can project through the colored glass and highlight an interior with splendid color.

This rich amber glass canister can be used to hold a myriad of different liquids, grains and other bits and pieces. Alternatively, it can be placed on a sill, shelf or bathtub surround as purely a decorative feature. If you have an Indian or Eastern themed interior, then this will be particularly suitable, however, it will go with just about any type of decor theme.

You can buy this glass container from here: Rich Amber Glass Canister With Brass Lid.

Price: $89.50