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I came across this reverse glass painted waste basket and tissue box on my travels around the web. What struck me was the amazing technique with which these Peruvian made bedroom and bathroom accessories had been made. The floral patterns on the Baroque style waste basket and tissue box were created using what was, in the beginning, a Byzantine art form.


The Middle Ages saw the birth of the reverse glass painting technique. As the name suggests, it is where a piece of glass is painted and then viewed from the other side. This was first used in the decorating of icons in the Byzantine Empire. Over time, it spread across into Central Europe and played a large part in Renaissance designs. From the 18th Century onwards it flourished after being favoured by the nobility and the church.

This particular waste basket and tissue box comes from Peru. The Spanish were responsible for taking the reverse glass painting technique to South America in the 15th Century. Since then, it has taken a different road to the European styles and this is evident in the floral designs one can see on the side of the basket and box. Indeed, reverse glass painting has become an integral part of Peruvian art and culture.


If you are looking for some decorative accessories for your bedroom or bathroom, then this reverse glass painted waste basket and tissue box set from Peru will add an aura of cultural sophistication to your interior. Each time you venture into the room, you will be reminded of the incredible history of this fascinating art form. The floral designs are appealing and the Baroque shape and style will compliment many existing furniture pieces and fittings.

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