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I could not help but be impressed with this beautiful resin Chinese horse sculpture when I discovered it on my internet travels. The horse sculpture represents the great importance of the horse in Chinese history and culture. In fact, no other animal has made as much of an impact on Chinese development than the horse. This gives even more symbolic resonance to this horse sculpture made from resin which has been made by Chinese artists in China itself.

resin-chinese-horse-sculptureHorses were first domesticated in China around 5,000 years ago. The Chinese used horses for a variety of reasons which included as part of war chariots in military wars and endeavours and also for more peaceful reasons such as transport of people and goods across the vast empire that grew during and after the Shang Dynasty. It was in this period, 1600-1100 BC, that horses were even buried with their owners so as they could use them in the next life. During the later Zhou Dynasty, the number of war chariots was a measure of a kingdom’s might and power.

This stunning resin Chinese horse sculpture also symbolises the inventions that China made in relation to equestrian development. These included a harnessing system based on the breast strap, the horse collar and also the stirrup. The inventions were made a long time before similar items were found in Europe. It cannot be underestimated just how much these Chinese horse-related inventions were significant on the stage of world history. You can read a lot more about the history of the horse in China and its cultural significance on this website: The Horse in Chinese History.

This resin Chinese horse sculpture will make an absolutely stunning sculptural feature to a living room, dining room or hallway. If you’re a keen horse rider yourself or know someone who is, then this Chinese creation will make an apt and pleasant visual treat and reminder of the passion that you so love. The design of the Chinese horse sculpture is made all the more remarkable by the intricate detailing and delightful floral curves and patterns that make up the body work of the horse. The horse’s movement is caught in time and thus will add an eye-catching decorative sculpture that will be a focal point in most interiors.

You can buy this horse sculpture as well as see a larger image, from the following location: Resin Chinese Horse Sculpture.

Price: $120