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A few weeks ago I showcased some woven paper coasters made from recycled magazines. Their simple designs and environmentally friendly qualities were both aesthetically pleasing and delightfully innovative. It’s not surprising therefore that this “Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces” collection would do the same. Instead of paper, these designs include regular furniture pieces covered with woven fabric strips.

upholstering-and-weaving-recycled-furnitureThe collection is the creation of the Studio Jo Meesters design bureau based in Holland. Their aim is to explore the boundaries between modern mass production techniques and traditional fabric craftsmanship The bureau is widely considered as a product concept laboratory that deals in innovation and finding news ways of handling and working with materials.

pink-shelving-made-from-discarded-materialsWith these qualities in mind, Studio Jo Meesters recently began the experimental project they aptly named TESTLAB. In this, they try out ways to rejuvenate and reuse various materials that have been thrown away or discarded. In many cases, the materials are completely transformed into something else, away from what they were originally used for.

green-fabric-woven-bookcaseThe first results from the TESTLAB experiment was this “Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces” collection you see here. Made up from 34 discarded wooden beams and 16 thrown-away blankets, the collection focuses on the re-use of everyday materials to form different formats, in this case, furniture and their coverings. The traditional weaving techniques mentioned above have been used to create eco-friendly upholstery that will hopefully inspire anyone and everyone to try out similar creations in their own homes.

yellow-fabric-weave-stool-chairVisit Studio Jo Meesters for more details.