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This expressive and joyful artistic wall tapestry of a dancing woman in a white dress in four different poses is the creation of the artist known as Stewart. The decorative tapestry is primarily brown in color, in various shades, together with white and black highlights. The dark haired woman in a flowing white dress is portrayed dancing in a variety of different stances. All of which imbue in the viewer a sense of rejoicing, celebration, energy and intense happiness.

The classical style tapestry can be hung on the wall in any room where it will help lift the mood of the interior setting. The dance-themed tapestry art work is beautiful in design and subject matter. Movement is portrayed in the flowing white dress fluttering as the joyful dancer moves from one point to another. It’s not hard to imagine the female dancer coming to life and leaping into the air and twirling around. Placed one a living room, dining room or bedroom wall, the tapestry will soon become a focal point amongst family and guests alike.

You can buy it from here: Rejoice Tapestry by Stewart.

Overall dimensions: 35″ H x 52″ W.