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A chilli red dinnerware set! Now that is different from the usual tableware one usually comes across. However, this Corelle Hearthstone set is unique in yet another way and that’s their shape. Square plates, bowls and cups make this glossy dinnerware set an attractive and exciting addition to the kitchen and dining room. Clean-lined and contemporary, the refined look of this ensemble will compliment any setting in which they are placed.

Four sets of this chilli red square-shaped dinnerware set are included which altogether equals 16 individual pieces, each dishwasher friendly and microwave safe. The backs of the plates are black, as is the exterior surface of the bowl, whilst the interior of the cup also has a black surface. This color combination adds a decidedly Asian feel to the square red tableware set.

Included in this Corelle Hearthstone Stoneware set are 4 dinner plates; 4 luncheon, salad, or dessert plates; 4 soup, cereal, or ice cream bowls; and 4 mugs. The set is perfect for a family of four who like to have a matching dinnerware set when dining together. Alternatively, if there are four children in the household, then this set of 4 red and black square tableware pieces will add a sense of shared communality which can be important especially in younger children.

You can buy this set from here: Corelle Hearthstone 16-Piece Square Dinnerware Set, Service for 4, Chili Red.

Price: $84.99