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A sea fan, otherwise known as a Gorgonian, is a soft tree-like coral found in all the oceans of the world, especially in the tropics and subtropics. Their natural beauty is clear to see and there little surprise they have been adapted into small nature-made sculptures for a table top or shelf. This red sea fan comes with an accompanying black base for easy and secure placement on just about any flat surface you so desire this ocean-made creation to stand.

Sea fans, or sea whips as they are sometimes known, often come in a variety of colors including red (as seen here), yellow and purple. The rich red of this sea fan is ideal as a decorative accent in a room which needs a little extra color or tonal contrasts. As I have found over the years, there is rarely anything to match or exceed the beauty of Mother Nature’s creations and this is certainly the case with this delightfully delicate looking red gorgonian with square base. You can read more about what sea fans actually are here: Gorgonians.

Great places to situate this red sea fan are numerous but some locations include on a dining table, a coffee table, a shelf in the bathroom or on a cabinet in the master bedroom. Alternatively, it can be placed on a hallway table and thus become a beautiful focus for visitors when entering your home. If you have a botanical or ocean themed interior, then this red gorgonian will make an excellent completing feature to round off the décor scheme. If you know of anyone who studies marine biology or botany and has an office or library at home, then this red sea fan will make a fabulous gift for their workspace.

You can buy it from here: Red Sea Fan with Base.

Dimensions: 11.25″(w) x 13.75″(h).