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A red rocking chair perfect for a child of 3 years and up. This fun kid’s furniture piece is ideal for any room in the home and is light enough to be carried wherever the seat is needed. Whether the child is reading, watching television or just quietly contemplating after a day’s activities, the red rocking chair will provide a comfortable and relaxing addition to their environment. They can then rock to and fro as they so desire.

The simple and traditional design of the child’s chair means it will fit in with most interiors, especially complimenting kid’s bedrooms and playrooms. Made from beech wood and finished with a non-toxic red coat, the rocking chair is splinter-proof and highly durable thereby making the furniture piece safe and secure for years to come. A 2-slat ladder back prevents the child from falling backs as well.

The gentle rocking motion of this type of chair cultivates a relaxation in a child. This is handy when you want to calm your son or daughter down if they become to hyperactive or alternatively as a place to sit before bed time. It can also be used as a toy where stuffed animals and dolls can be placed.

You can buy this red kid’s chair here: Red Rocking Chair for Children.

Price: $62.69

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