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If you’re looking for a certain natural elegance and beauty for your dining room table, then you should consider these rather delightful raspberry napkin rings. Available as a set of four, they are created to fulfil the job of any regular napkin ring which is to neatly secure folded napkins until required. In most cases napkin rings are placed on the table before the meal begins and so it’s always nice to have attractive versions where possible.

These raspberry napkin rings are the creation of renowned artist Michael Michaud from the city of New York. Molded straight from a real raspberry bush, the natural element of this design is obvious from a distance. Rich reds contrast remarkably well with the gold leaves which are intricate and expressive in their look. Each leaf vein can be seen and each tiny berry is distinct from the rest.

If you’re looking to impress visiting dinner guests, whether family, friends or important clients, then these beautiful raspberry napkin rings will add an eye-catching highlight to what might otherwise be a rather plain and drab setting. It’s certain people will be asking where you got such beautiful napkin rings from and if so, you can tell them.

The same place you did, which is here: Raspberry Napkin Rings.

Price: $92