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Phone booth media cabinets are more popular than I would have ever imagined just a few short years ago. That’s especially true of the British red phone booth style which is part of the stereotypical image of a London street. There are a number of reasons why these are so sought after but one of the main factors is the unique style of these DVD and CD storage furniture pieces which also enhance the interior in which they are located.

british-phone-booth-media-cabinetThe red telephone box was a common sight across the Britain and some of her ex-colonies. Whilst they can still be spotted in many areas of the land, their numbers have been vastly reduced in favor of glass. The distinctive British red phone booth was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in the 1920s. Over time, there were slight modifications of the look but all kept to the general red theme and shape. It’s estimated that there have been over 100,000 of these red telephone boxes at one time or another in Britain alone.

The red phone booth media cabinet as seen in the image above is, as you have probably guessed, not a real telephone box. It’s a stylish and in my view endearing CD and DVD storage unit. The design means it can also act as a distinctive room accent and decorative focal point to any type of interior space. This is particularly the case for themed rooms, especially those with an English style.

british-red-phone-boxesIf you have an Anglophile in the family, they especially will appreciate this replica of what is universally an iconic image of England. The types of room this red phone booth media cabinet will suit include basements, games rooms, themed bedrooms including kid’s rooms and a studio or study where music is listened to on a regular occasion. If you have a room set aside for purely television or gaming purposes, then this will be a great addition.

You can read more about the measurements and specifications of this British red phone booth style media cabinet by meandering over to the following location: Red Phone Booth Media Storage Cabinet

Price: $141.95

I must add, that I am particularly fond of these red phone boxes. They were prevalent during my childhood and were a part of many fond memories. The doors were always rather heavy and difficult to open, for children at any rate but once inside you felt secure and were on the whole very private. It’s a little sad they are not being made at the rate they used to be.