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If you’re looking for wall art that highlights the beauty of nature then you can’t go far wrong with this lovely red maple tree metal wall sculpture. I’ve written about wall sculptures on this website before and that’s due to a particular fondness I have for this interior accent style. A good quality and wonderfully formed wall art piece can really make a room more vibrant, colorful and interesting.

red-maple-tree-wall-sculptureA good metal wall sculpture can also be a display of your personality which is an important feature both for yourself as well as family and friends. My tutors at Art School always drummed into my peers and I the importance of individuality and how we express this. The same goes for the domestic home environment. This is where art above all else can really portray the passions and hobbies you enjoy.

The red maple tree metal wall sculpture is a great addition for anyone who loves the natural world in all its beauty and variety. Built from lightweight but sturdy brushed aluminium, the maple tree adds a delicate but eye catching focus to a living room, bedroom or dining room. Each of the red-tipped leaves protrudes at different angles which also means the metallic shine will catch any daylight during the day. At night, the artificial lights of your interior will create an altogether different but equally stunning glow.

maple-tree-wall-sculptureIts metal nature means it can be hung indoors or outdoors. However, I recommend it be fixed to an interior wall to gain the beauty it will have at night when you’re watching television or entertaining guests.

You can buy this sculpture from the following location: Metal Maple Tree Wall Sculpture

Each of these sculptures is individually hand crafted in the USA which adds a more personal significance to the piece. At the time of writing this maple tree wall sculpture was priced at $249.99.