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Like many boys, I once had a lego set which I gained many hours of enjoyment from. Lego is perhaps one of the most iconic and recognisable games in the world and is given to children as presents on every continent. That’s why a gift like this red lego brick alarm clock will be the perfect additional accessory for your young son to help him get up in the mornings. The red color will inject an energetic feel into the bedroom interior and keep fun times at the forefront of the mind.

Who am I kidding? This LCD screen alarm clock in the shape of a lego brick will also suit adults who have fond memories of playing the game as a child, or who still love to make model helicopters, spacecraft, houses and castles to this day. Placed on a shelf or bedside table in a retro themed bedroom, the lego alarm clock will add some character to a master bedroom.

A snooze button, screen backlight, simple radio and volume controls, make this lego brick themed alarm clock a highly functional and decoratively fun accessory for boys and men of all ages. Perfect for a child who loves his lego. By the way, it’s also available in blue or pink, the latter being suitable for girls who love to build.

You can buy this item here: Red Plastic Alarm Clock Lego Brick.

Price: $24.95