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I’ve long held an interest for all things connected to Buddhism and so I was attracted to this red Hsun-Ok Temple Jar when I came across it whilst browsing Buddhist home décor items. The beautiful and elegant shape of the Myanmar temple jar is clear to see and its cultural significance is fascinating. By the way, Myanmar where this red Hsun-Ok Temple Jar is made was until recently called Burma. So what is a ‘Hsun-Ok’?

The Hsun-Ok is a traditional container used for offerings to the Buddha. In Buddhist towns and villages they are also used to give gifts to the community of Buddhist monks known as the sangha. If you visit a Buddhist monastery you might very well see the Hsun-Ok temple jars on either side of an image of the Buddha which will be on or near to an altar. Inside these temple jars are placed fruits, flowers, incense and various other small gifts.

This red Hsun-Ok Temple Jar also holds a lot of important symbolism in Buddhist culture. The shape of the temple jar is reminiscent of a stupa which symbolizes the path to enlightenment. In fact, if you visit Buddhist countries you will see the stupa shape in many forms including in the architecture of monuments and religious buildings such as the Great Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar.

The red temple jar shown in the picture above is a fine example of a lacquer ceremonial vessel from Burma. Lacquerware has been an important craft in this nation for many centuries and has developed a world-leading reputation for such beautiful items. The lacquer used to make this type of red Hsun-Ok Temple Jar comes from a tree native to Myanmar and the South east Asian region called the gluta usitata. Lacquerware also has a long and proud tradition in what is now Myanmar. The old kings of Burma would send gifts of lacquerware similar to this Hsun-Ok Temple Jar to foreign envoys as well as place them in the royal courts and for ceremonies.

If you have a fondness for Buddhism or East Asian design and decor then this red Hsun-Ok Temple Jar from Buddhist Myanmar will make a lovely addition to your home. It’s hard not to be taken with the beautifully elegant design and the red will contribute an eye-catching burst of color to an area of a room. The Hsun-Ok can be placed in the main living room as a decorative accent piece or perhaps in a meditation room if you practice the Buddhist way of living.

You can buy this temple jar from the following location: Red Hsun-Ok Temple Jar From Buddhist Myanmar.

A pure black and also a black and gold version are also available which can be found via the same link as noted above.