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This beautiful hand carved red horse is the creation of hill tribes in northern Thailand. When it comes to wooden sculptures, the art and crafts of old tribal cultures are often the most authentic and attractive in relation to the original narrative their sculptures symbolise or portray. The red horse in the image below is carved from dense Thai hardwood and comes from a long tradition of woodworking in various temples across the culturally rich region.

An antique red finish has been applied to the sitting horse sculpture which adds a highly colourful and decorative aura to the piece. This means it will make a great focal point in a room which is perhaps based on an East Asian theme in some way. Meditation rooms are increasingly popular in the West and this too is an ideal location for this red sculpture.

The process of cutting the wood into an animal form is a painstaking process. Each woodworker is highly trained and has years of experience in his craft. The majority of the statues and art works in this area are highly original and, as mentioned before, portray a historical aspect of the region. Horses have long been an important animal in Asia and have been used as inspiration for statues not only in Thailand but also most famously, in China.

You can buy this sculpture from here: Red Tribal Hand Carved Horse from Thailand.

Price: $125

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