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Many small children, especially boys, hold dreams of becoming fire-fighters when they grow-up. This red fire hydrant cookie jar is a perfect kitchen accessory for a household with wannabe firemen. The hungry little Johnnies will know that the fire hydrant, so important to fire fighting endeavours across the nation, is the place to go to first when cookies are desired. In fact, the jar can hold all sorts of goodies, for both adults and children, and even pets.

The red fire hydrant shaped cookie jar is made from ceramic materials and is a great way to add thematic décor and character to a kitchen interior setting. It can be placed on a counter surface, table or shelf, from where it will be a much noticed storage item with unique decorative charm. Fire hydrants themselves are an essential apparatus in all cities and aid rescue services in fighting fires and saving lives. They have become an iconic design worldwide and feature heavily in art and design related to American themes. This cookie jar is a fine example and a must-have for any budding fire-fighter.

You can buy it from here: Red Fire Hydrant Cookie Jar.

Size: 8.25″W x 7″D x 10″H.