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If you are an admirer of elephants and enjoy reading books on wildlife, then you might well enjoy these red elephant bookends made by artisans in Kenya. The pair which can be seen below are made from carved soapstone and measure 4 inches in width by 7 inches in height. As decorative bookends, they are both a visual treat and perfectly sturdy for the job at hand.

red-elephant-bookends-kenyaThe soapstone these elephant bookends are made from is particular to the Tabaka Hills of Western Kenya. The locals call it Kisii stone after their tribal name. The soapstone is mined by the local tribal community from where it is extracted from the hills using hand tools. It is then carved into various shapes and decorative items that express the flora and fauna of the nearby area.

The Kisii tribe are a relatively wealthy tribal group with origins in the Congo. They are part of the much larger Bantu speaking people but became geographically isolated due to migrations. Due to many wars with the neighbouring Luo, Nandi and Masai tribes which were a different ethnic group, the Kisii tribe were often known as a strong and aggressive people. In more recent times, their combat culture has turned to that of being agriculturalists but their art work often symbolises their historical roots and traditions.

This pair of red elephant bookends are unique in the fact that the soapstone they are made of can only be found in the small region of the Tabaka Hills. For anyone who has an interest in Africa and the related tribes and cultures, these bookends will be a treat. Maybe they will make a great gift for someone who matches this description that you know.

If you have an African interior design theme already then these red bookends in abstract elephant shapes will be an apt addition to a bookshelf or table top. Think of a coffee table which is large enough to hold a dozen books that will provide a central focal point for these beautiful forms. A tasteful Bohemian style interior decor scheme will also be a suitable setting.

You can buy this pair from the following place: Red Elephant Bookends Made From African Carved Soapstone.

Price: $48