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I couldn’t help but be attracted to these delightful red decorative boxes I came across when browsing the web today. Made from 100% sheet metal, the lids are immediately reminiscent of traditional Chinese architecture. If you’re seeking some attractive and functional storage boxes for a living room or bedroom interior, then these might well be just what you’re looking for. This is especially the case if you have a fondness for Chinese style designs.

red-boxes-decorative-chinese-styleRed is an important color in Chinese culture and history. It symbolises above all that of fire. The color red can also be associated with courage, loyalty, honor, success, fortune, fertility, happiness, passion and summer. Chinese associate red with weddings where brides wear red dresses. Probably more well known in the West, red is also associated in China with gifts of money. These are very popular during the New Year festivities.

These three red metal decorative boxes come as a set and are inspired by traditional Asian architecture from the Chinese region. If you have visited the country or have studied pictures of famous Chinese buildings, then one will notice the style portrayed on the box lids. Each of the three boxes is a different size which means they can be used for holding different kinds of items.

The kitchen is one of the most obvious places for such decorative boxes, where one or more box can perhaps be used to store teabags, coffee, cookies and various small kitchen bits and pieces. They’ll go particularly well in a red and white kitchen color scheme or a theme based on Eastern patterns and interior decor. By the way, they are original and actually made in China.

You can buy these three metal boxes from the following location: Red Decorative Boxes Inspired by Chinese Architecture.

Price: $110