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Table runners are decorative fabrics that adorn table tops whether in the dining room, kitchen or living room. One of their primary functions is to protect a table’s surface from scratches and stains brought about by serving dishes and hot dinnerware. However, they are also popular as decorative arrangements that match the surrounding decor of the interior space in which the table is located. They come in many different styles and one of these is this red cotton table runner made in South Africa.

red-table-runner-geometric-patterns-africaThe African geometric-design of the red table runner is the creation of South African artisan Carole Nevin. She started creating cultural decor fabrics as a way to help alleviate the crippling poverty that is widespread in the southern-most African nation. Now a family business, Nevin employs 40 workers who each come from poor backgrounds, often from local squatter camps. They are trained to make these beautiful decorative African table runners, which are hand made and printed in Cape Town.

The geometric patterns on the red table runners are typical designs found only in the South African region. If you are of African descent or have designed a room with an African theme, then these red cotton table runners will make a splendid addition to your table top. They are long enough to fit most types of dining table as well as table tops around the house including side tables, coffee tables and desks.

They can even be used to decorate other items of furniture, such as on the bottom of a bed, a chest of drawers or even adorning the wall in a bedroom or hallway. Red table runners are a popular choice but with these distinctive patterns and the story behind how they are made, these particular cotton table runners are a cut above the rest.

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Price: $55