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For a lot of people, this red balloon bench will immediately bring up images from the famous 1956 movie ‘The Red Balloon’ (Le ballon rouge). The story told of a little Parisian boy who made friends with a seemingly sentient balloon which followed him wherever he went. Albert Lamorisse’s film became one of the most well known movies from French cinema and inspired a more recent version Flight of the Red Balloon (2007) as well as countless stage performances. It’s therefore no surprise to find an item of contemporary furniture based on the tale like this red balloon bench by Japanese design team h220430.

The bench seems to be floating in mid-air by a collection of red balloons which if not for the ceiling would likely float up into the skies. In fact, the balloon bunches conceal four anchors which hold the bench in position as though truly floating. It’s not just some creative installation piece either and can actually be acquired via a Tokyo-based store called SOMEWHERE.

The Japanese design team h220430 is actually composed of two designers who are Satoshi Itasaka and Takuto Usami. The rather mundane looking name is actually based on the date of their foundation and they focus their efforts in lighting and furniture design. If you have money to spare, can afford international shipping costs and want something out of the ordinary to go in your contemporary living room or bedroom, then this red balloon bench is going to be highly appealing to you.

Check their website: h220430.

Via: Chair Blog.