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Probably the most famous deer known to children and adults worldwide is Bambi, the white-tailed deer. The tale of Bambi was written by Austrian author Felix Salten in the early 1920s and went on to become even more famous when Disney made an animated film based on the novel in the 1940s. Over the last 60 years, generations of children have come to love the tales of Bambi and his friends including Thumper the rabbit, Flower the skunk and Faline his friend and love.

This red baby deer wall sticker is reminiscent of the Bambi characters and is perfect for the wall of a child’s bedroom or playroom. Each deer is an individual sticker as are all the red small circles that add contrast, fun and decoration. Place the two deers in whatever position you see fit and watch the joy spread across your son or daughter’s face as they view the friendly animals seemingly coming to life on their wall.

Wall stickers are very easy to use and can be placed on a wall within seconds. They are also equally as simple to remove and locate to a new area of the wall, or another room. Deers also appear in old European and American folklore and as your child grows older you can tell them these tales against the backdrop of deer themed wall stickers.

You can buy them from here: Red Baby Deer Wall Stickers.

Price: $69