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This beautifully artistic red apple wall clock is the creation of French-born artist Michelle Allen. The whimsical apple clock features a small bee pendulum below which swings back and forth. The clock face itself is represented as a bite in the apple and two friendly little worms act as clock hands, constantly changing position as the time of day marches on. Made from resin and hand painted, the apple wall clock will make a welcome addition to any wall surface.

The designer’s work is based on the observations of the world around her. The imperfect, the witty, and the eccentric are all features that she enjoys and seeks to capture in her creative designs. Her objective is to put the fun in functionality and aim for the slightly unrealistic rather than photographic accuracy and seriousness. Life is the very inspiration for all of her work. This can be seen in this gloriously witty, charismatic and fun red apple wall clock.

You can buy it from here: Red Apple Wall Clock.

Measures 8.5″W x 12.5″H