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If you’re looking for a navy themed accessory for a home office or bedroom then this tilting steamship funnel waste basket might just be the item you’re searching for. It’s not difficult for experts and novices alike to see the distinctive funnel shape and design of the waste basket that can be seen in the old pictures of Trans-Atlantic steamships. These include the infamous HMS Titanic which sank with the loss of 1,517 lives in 1912.

This red and black tilting steamship funnel waste basket will appeal to people like my father who have a passion for the navy and merchant fleets. Throughout my life I have seen pictures of ships adorning the walls of the family home and have become accustomed to the various names, types and styles of ships. One of the most famous is the American owned and British operated Cunard Line which has operated a fleet of passenger ships in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean for over a century. You can see a picture of a newly merged Cunard White Star company ship below which is the RMS Mauretania constructed in 1939.

Steamship funnels are distinctive and that’s why they are great designs for household accessories such as this tilting waste basket with a decidedly naval theme. The red and black design will be familiar with most people even if just from watching movies based on steamships or related television documentaries. If you know of someone with a passion for steamships or the navy in general, then this red and black tilting steamship funnel waste basket will be a great gift idea for them to place in their home office, study or library.

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Price: $77