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Recycled paper has been used to make a lot of objects for the home, office and just about everywhere else. One of my favourite uses for this eco-friendly process is that of the recycled newspaper wallpaper from the New York based design firm Weitzner Limited. Reading between the lines will never quite have the same meaning when sitting in a room with recycled newspaper wallpaper on all four walls.

Each strip is handwoven on a loom and then paper-backed to make it suitable for covering a wall. Like with regular wallpaper, the recycled newspaper can be vacuum cleaned and looks a lot more vibrant than a wide variety of choices you can find in stores. However, like with paper sheets, the newspaper wallpaper can fade in the sunlight which can either be a let down or an added character-building phenomenon, depending on one’s individual tastes.

Lori Weitzner is the talent behind the design and has won awards for her unusual materials that are used to create artful wall coverings.

H/T: Core77.