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Bring the beauty of nature indoors and right onto your dining room table with this delightful root tray made from reclaimed teak wood. It’s both a functional tray for carrying items to a table as well as a decorative object that will inspire and complement existing décor in a dining room, living room or kitchen. The inherent allure that Mother Nature provides makes this tray an enchanting addition to the home setting.

Teakwood is mainly found in South and South-East Asia in countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Burma. It’s a very strong wood and in these regions of the world is used to make furniture, boats, houses and even bridges. In most cases, and certainly with this Nona Root Tray, the teakwood is grown in sustainable teak plantations that adhere strictly to the international Forest Stewardship Council.

Surprisingly, teakwood is a relatively new discovery in the Western market but it soon saw a rise in popularity and can be found in a wide range of forms today. This rectangular tray made from reclaimed teakwood roots is ideal for a kitchen or dining room that has a decidedly natural feel to the decorative ambiance. It will also add a touch of nature to urban kitchens and living rooms that need an injection of curving forms and rustic wooden highlights. A talking point it certainly is. The tray can be used to ferry items to a dining table or it can take a more static position in another room and become a decorative feature for holding dried plants, fruit or everyday bits and pieces.

You can buy this beautiful tray from here: Rectangular Root Tray Made From Reclaimed Teakwood.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.