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Most people who have used the internet for any amount of time will have become accustomed to the photo collages one can create online from websites such as Flickr. When we upload photos we like to place them together so we can see them all at once on the screen without having to flick between them. This is also the case in real life and that’s why I like these types of interwoven wall picture frames, otherwise known as collage photo frames, that display multiple pictures creatively and neatly together.

We all have the traditional photo albums we like to bring out when family and friends visit. There are usually between 2 and 6 photos per page under a clear protective covering. The rectangular interwoven wall picture frames as seen in the image above takes this same general format and becomes a series of interconnected wall frames that enliven an interior space. The trio of collage photo frames is constructed simply from black wood and glass thereby letting the pictures, photos or art work speak for themselves.

The contemporary interwoven wall picture frames can be used in various settings and for a multitude of different types of images. One can place this black collage photo frame on a living room where family photos of loved ones can be arranged. Another place these interwoven picture frames could go is in the dining room where your own personal art work can be placed within the 8 spaces that result in this trio of rectangular wall frames. This will allow visitors to admire your artistic creativity whilst they wine and dine.

Whether you set a theme such as pictures of flowers or a mixed array of images, this rectangular interwoven wall picture frame will serve as a contemporary focal point in any room where it is hung. Each rectangle of the collage photo frame is connected to one another so you only need to hang up one piece on the wall. Its simplicity makes it suitable for minimalist as well as more cluttered and busy interior design themes and settings.

You can buy this collage photo frame from the following location: Rectangular Interwoven Wall Picture Frames

Price: $68