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This highly realistic St. George and the Dragon sculpture is a must-have decorative accessory in the home of anyone with a fondness for history and literature. Made from resin and completed with a faux-bronze finish, the St George and the dragon figurines are great for a living room setting or the bedroom of a literary-mind child reading the great tales of yesteryear. It’s life-like, expressive in its apparent movements, and full of cultural history.

Saint George is a well-known figure throughout much of the world. However, not that much is actually known about the character himself, although it is believed he did actually exist (which cannot be said of the dragon). The story of Saint George slaying the dragon, of which this sculpture portrays, has a number of different historical origins, including tales based in Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, the Near East, North Africa, and even in England, the latter of which has St. George as their national patron saint.

You can buy this sculpture from here: Saint George Slaying the Dragon Sculpture.

Hand painted.