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It would be a boring world if everything conformed to the mundane. This also applies to furniture which is why this aptly named Random Chair by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot caught my eye. If you’re looking for a chair with a difference that will “wow!” your friends and guests, then this wonderfully sculptural hollow chair is a perfect contemporary furniture piece to consider adding to your home interior.

Having won the 2003 Materiaalfonds Prize, this Random Chair is already known as a cut above the rest. In its style, it is reminiscent of a child’s design project involving soggy newspapers wrapped about a soon-to-be-burst balloon. In fact, this is precisely what inspired Bertjan Pot in the first place. However, in this instance, the chair is created using epoxy-dipped carbon fiber which was formed over a single-sided mould. The result is a hollow structure which is not only extremely light but also very strong and thoroughly capable of holding the weight of a human.

The Random Chair is a modern furniture piece ideal for a contemporary room. Bertjan Pot’s delicate yet sturdy chair is both a sculpture and a functioning seat and should be considered as so when deciding on its placement. Light will play an important part as well for the structure and materials used in the creation of the Random Chair are conducive to the display and shadowing of the lights and the general interior.

For example, one can imagine this chair placed beside a contemporary floor lamp in a minimalist themed living room or bedroom. The light will enter into the chair’s body and draw shadows on the floor and nearby walls. With a myriad of flickering candles, the effect will be magical and will hark back to the mysteries of the Middle Ages and beyond. The possibilities are endless.

Price: $1,219