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I’ve long been an admirer of Japanese pottery and Raku-yaki in particular. Raku ware, as it is more often referred to in the West, was traditionally made for use in Japanese tea ceremonies. Bowls, pots and vases were created by exposing ceramic clay to rapid low-fire temperature changes which resulted in a beautiful colorful glazing effect that has made it popular as a decorative item.

raku-bottle-neck-vase-colorfulThis Raku Bottle-Neck Vase is made up of wonderfully warm glimmering shades of burnt orange, copper, blue, and maroon. Each piece has been individually hand-formed in clay and fired to over 2000 degrees in an outdoor kiln. Banana leaves and wood shavings were then placed into a pit where the vase was later put whilst still molten hot. Upon bursting into flames, the resulting reaction creates the unique variation that can be seen on each vase.

These vases are great for dried flowers or as a decorative piece of art in their own right.

You can find more information, pictures and prices here: Raku Bottleneck Vases, Set of Three