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In Hawaiian legend, an Aumakua was family god or in many cases, a deified ancestor. The protective guardian spirit manifested itself in animal form such as an owl, hawk, octopus or caterpillar. However the most common shape it took was that of the ‘honu’ or turtle. The sea turtle often represented wisdom, happiness and a long and healthy life. If the beast entered your home, it would bring the wares and wisdom of the sea with it, including the gifts of relaxation and longevity.

aumakua-sea-turtle-vessel-pot-hawaiiThis Raku Aumakua Vessel portrays the spirit of the sea turtle. The beautiful piece of pottery has been carefully hand-crafted in California using the ancient Japanese ceramic craft of Raku-yaki (Raku). Each item is individually hand-formed in clay and fired to over 2000 degrees in an outdoor kiln. Banana leaves and wood shavings were then added to a pit where the vessel was later put, then flamed to create the coloring.

I’ve also talked about the Raku Bottle-Neck Vase on this blog which was created in a very similar way.

sea-turtle-honu-aumakua-vessel-potNo two surfaces are alike which means each creation is unique. The warm glimmering shades of burnt orange, copper, blue, and maroon are delightful and will compliment a wide variety of interiors.

Each Aumakua Vessel is approximately 8″ high x 7.5″ wide. Click on the link to have a closer look and read more about the process of creating the decorative pieces.