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Some of the best lighting fixtures ever made have been inspired by the natural world. This is certainly the case with this raindrop ceiling lamp light which is born from the image of a drop of rain water. Most of us at some stage have quietly contemplated the world one wet Sunday afternoon by looking out of the window at the falling rain. The beads trickle down the windowpane and small raindrops gather on the upper rim before falling to the ground.

This raindrop ceiling lamp is beautifully reminiscent of such images and is ideal for domestic ceilings that are higher than usual. The light also has a unique shape and contemporary ambiance which will attract the attention in any room where it is located. Unlike the often cold and depressing landscape raindrops are normally found in, this raindrop ceiling lamp is beautifully lit and diffuses warm light throughout the interior.

If you have a room with a high ceiling, then this elegant raindrop ceiling lamp will fill the void magnificently. The liquid qualities the ceiling light brings will add a soft and natural enhancement to the overall interior of the room it lights. In a dining room, the raindrop light can be placed directly over the dining table thereby being symbolic of the flow of wine and conversation. The raindrop ceiling lamp would also look majestic on the ceiling of the stairway area or landing providing views not only from below but also directly from the side.

The liquid raindrop qualities of this polyethylene ceiling lamp really catch the attention of the gaze and will be a popular talking point among guests and friends. For a modern touch with a natural feel, this raindrop lamp is definitely worth a consideration.

You can see more images as well as purchasing details here: Raindrop Ceiling Lamp.

Price: $459