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You have a collection of books, all special and unique in their own way. You also have a contemporary living room or home study which needs a book shelf with a difference. If so, then you should be looking to buy something like this quirky zig-zag shelving unit for books with attitude and style. The zig-zag shelves are fun and different from the regular shaped bookcases found throughout the land.

The zig-zag shelving unit has 6 shelves in all which are made from wood. Each shelf juts out from the one below and above, leading to the visual image of a zig-zag shape, hence the name. It’s not just books that can benefit from this quirky zig-zag shelving unit but also a whole host of decorative art, small sculpture, colorful boxes, picture frames and computer accessories.

Notice in the picture how one set of books looks top heavy but fear not, for the zig-zag shelving unit has metal brackets and hidden hardware locks which means the shelving unit as a whole will not topple over. If you’ve been looking for a contemporary piece of bookshelf furniture for a trendy interior, then I definitely recommend looking more closely at this black zig-zag shelving.

Price: $258