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In 1954, two Danish carpenters by the name of Christian P. Larsen and Holger Christensen founded the Pressalit Factory. By 1966, the growing company had produced its first designer toilet seat, the Pressalit Comfort. It was quite a revelation back in the 60s and caused a mixture of responses. Like Marmite today, people either loved it or hated it.

Toilet seat lids were becoming increasingly popular and in 1975, the new owner and designers of the company produced the revolutionary Pressalit Scandinavia. It was to become a classic and is the toilet lid you commonly now see in a great majority of home bathrooms.

Throughout the next few decades until the modern day, new toilet seat lids would be developed that would both inspire and confound. This timeline has now led to the creation of these quirky designer toilet lids in a range of fashions. Have a look at these:

soccer-football-and-green-leaf-toilet-seatsThe soccer ball toilet seat lid and the green leaf toilet seat lid. Let’s hope there’s no offside rule.

flowered-and-wooden-toilet-seatsThe flower toilet seat lid and the wooden tree trunk toilet seat lid. I wonder if those roses will need watering?

fluffy-white-cotton-gem-toilet-seat-lidI don’t know about this fluffy cotton bud lid. Hygenic? I doubt it. On the other hand, if that gem stone toilet seat lid is real.

You can read a more detailed history of the company’s progression on their website which can be found here:

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