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John Adams is generally considered to be one of the most popular United States Presidents of all time. That’s why this incredibly life-like John Adams bust makes such a popular choice of gift for those who love the history of the USA. Sculptural busts of famous figures in history are great decorative accessories for living rooms and home studies/libraries. They bring a tone of intellectualness and sophistication that can greatly contribute to a particularly desired ambiance.

John Adams was one of the 7 Founding Fathers of the United States and would become the second President. The New England lawyer, statesman, diplomat and political theorist represented Enlightenment values promoting republicanism. Many teachers, students and Americans interested in the nation’s birth and development see John Adams as one of the great figures of American history. It’s therefore should come as no surprise that he is represented in sculpture and art in museums and the domestic home interior.

The John Adams bust is 6 inches in height and is made from Polystone. This is a manufacturing medium used for cast sculptures which has a porcelain or “stone-like” feel. The material is highly durable and has an extremely clean finish. It’s also easy to keep clean as well and requires just a quick dust every now and then. The politically themed bust will suit a wide variety of interiors but, as mentioned before, will look particularly good in a living room, dining room or home study/library/studio/work space. Perched on a shelf or placed proudly on a table or desk, the sculptural portrait of John Adams will be a reminder of the nation’s past as well as the possibilities for its present and future with the guiding principles handed down by the Founding Fathers.

You can buy the bust from here: John Adams Bust – Founding Father.

Comes gift boxed.