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Are you searching for some Chinese related wall décor for your newly designed living room or bedroom? If so, I might have found the perfect item for you. Have a look at this Qing Dynasty Antique Pipestem Replica which is encased in a dark wood finish frame. For Sinophiles, this decorative wall hanging is a wonderful way to emphasise their passion of Chinese history and culture.

Qing Dynasty Antique Pipestem ReplicaThis form of pipestem was widely popular in China during the Qing Dynasty that ranged from 1644 to 1912. Also known as the Manchu Dynasty, it was founded by the now minority Manchus. The nobility used the pipestem for smoking and they were often made from a variety of materials. Creative artisans made pipes from ivory, jade, horn, porcelain and various enamels and woods. Many became purely art pieces due to their decorative and often intricate designs.

Chinese-Horn-Smoke-ToolFor a modern home with a Chinese decor scheme or Asian interior design, this Qing Dynasty antique pipestem replica will add a touch of quality and beauty to a wall. Two layers of fabric make a delightful backdrop to the horn and silver coated bronze pipestem. A glass cover with a dark frame provide a protective and museum-like quality to a cultural icon of Chinese history.

This decorative wall hanging will look lovely in a room that has Chinese related decorations including rugs, pictures, furniture, vases and even sculpture. However, it will also go well with a rustic style of interior from any part of the world. In fact, there are numerous styles that will compliment this Antique Pipestem Replica as long as a little thought and planning are taken into consideration.

You can buy this Chinese wall decor piece from the following location: Qing Dynasty Antique Pipestem Replica – Chinese Wall Decor

Price: $175