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Halloween is a great time to bring some distinctive, exciting and above all scary décor into the home. This Jack O’Lantern Tiffany glass accent lamp in the shape of a pumpkin is just such a piece and will make an excellent addition to a dining room or living room table during the dark nights of late October. The pumpkin shaped glass table lamp features the widely recognised scary grin that so delights trick-or-treating children around the world as they terrorise their local neighborhoods.

What we know today as Halloween is actually the descendent of All Hallows Evening (All-Hallows-Even) which was an old British tradition that came directly before All Saints’ Day. Originally, instead of the pumpkin, a turnip was carved into a lantern as a way of remembering the souls held in purgatory. However, immigrants to North America found pumpkins in greater supply as well as being larger and therefore easier to carve. Halloween has also been influenced by literature and, more recently, by movies such as the classics of Frankenstein and Dracula.

If you like a bit of spooky charm on the 31st of October this year then this orange pumpkin themed glass table lamp will work its magic in a glorious fashion. The glass lamp has been hand-crafted utilizing the renowned copper foil construction process and is shaped so that it sits securely on any flat surface. You can place it on a table as the main feature during dinner or alternately it can be located on a shelf, cabinet or bedside table to add Halloween themed décor to a bedroom, hallway or living room.

You can buy it from here: Pumpkin Themed Jack O’Lantern Tiffany Glass Accent Lamp.

Accommodates one 15W candelabra bulb.